Hairstyle and Eyewear Secrets

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The following information is an excerpt from the DVD series Love My Image.

Hairstyle and Eyewear Secrets

If you’ve ever struggled with trying to find the right hairstyle (and I think most women have at some point in their lives), you’re about to discover how easy it really can be! If you’ve given up on your hair you’re about to read some encouraging information. You see, just like choosing the right style of glasses, the right hairstyle is based on one key principle: the shape of your face. That’s it.

Now that you know that, all you need to do is learn the basic “rules” that go with your particular face shape. First though, let’s talk about the different face shapes & the characteristics of each.

1. The Round Face: this is a full-looking face with a round hairline and chin. The cheeks/ears tend to be the widest point.

2. The Square Face: this face shape has a strong, square jaw line and usually a square hairline.

3. The Oval Face: the oval shape has a gently rounded hairline and is only slightly narrower at the jaw than at the temples. Very balanced.

4. The Diamond Face: the widest point on this face is at the cheekbones, and is equally narrow at the jaw line & forehead.

5. The Oblong Face: this face is long and slender. The area just below the cheekbones and the forehead are about the same width. Could have a high forehead or a narrow chin.

6. The Triangular Face: has a dominant jaw line and narrows at the cheekbones and temples.

7. The Heart Shaped Face: the face is widest at the hairline and temples and narrows to a small chin. The opposite of the triangular face.

Now that we’ve covered the characteristics of the different face shapes…

Let’s Get Started!

As we discuss this further we’ll talk about some do’s and don’ts for hairstyling and picking out the proper eye wear.

The Round Face: The goal of the person with the round face is to lengthen it. This can be done by adding height and fullness at the crown. Layering will help to achieve this. An off centre part will help to make the face appear longer. The rest of the cut should stay close to the side of the head to avoid adding more fullness.

Length: A round face can wear a shorter cut but hair should be swept back. Or a cut longer than the chin will also work.

Avoid: Hair that’s chin length with a rounded line, like a bob. This will only make the face appear even more round. Bangs cut straight across the forehead and short crops. Also avoid a centre part. It tends to accentuate the roundness.

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GLASSES: The best shaped frame for the round face is a rectangular one. This frame contrasts the round face, making it appear thinner and longer. Frames with clear bridges make close-set eyes appear further apart. Frames with higher, coloured temples will lengthen the appearance of the round face.

The Square Face: The goal of the person with a square face is to soften it. Hair with lots of waves and roundness will help to achieve this. If your hair is straight you may want to consider a soft perm to offset the straight lines of your face. Layers and wispy bangs work well. Off centre parts and height at the crown will help to elongate the face.

Length: Short to medium length hair works best for this shaped face. Long hair, straight bangs and centre parts tend to emphasize the square features. Just make sure your cut ends just above or a little below your chin.

Avoid: Centre parts and hairstyles ending at the jaw line.

GLASSES: Look for frames where the lower part is curved with some weight on top as well. Centred temples are desirable. Look for a frame wider than the widest part of the face. This will soften the angular appearance of the square face. Stay away from rectangular frames.

The Oval Face: Most any hairstyle looks good on an oval face. The goal is not to hide your features. Slicked back styles also work very well. Length: You can wear short, medium or longer styles.

Avoid: Remember not to cover up your balanced features with your hair.

GLASSES: Look for frames that will maintain the balance of your oval face. Frames should be as least as wide as the broadest part of your face. You can wear round, square or rectangular shapes. Avoid frames with low or “dropped” temples. This will detract from your face’s natural features.

The Diamond Face: You also have balanced features so you can wear a variety of styles. If you are going with a shorter style make sure you have weight in the nape area to help balance your high cheekbones and delicate chin.

Length: You can wear short, medium or longer styles.

Avoid: Hiding your features with your hair.

GLASSES: Select a frame that will accent the forehead and jaw and draw attention away from the temple. Choose frames that are decorated along the top. Rimless frames are also nice. You can wear glasses with geometric or oval shapes to minimize the distance between your temples.

The Oblong Face: The person with the oblong/rectangular face wants to make it appear fuller. Try to create fullness at the sides of your face. Layers will help to achieve this and to add softness to the lines of your face. Try off centre parts and wispy bangs to shorten the appearance of length.

Length: Short to medium lengths work best.

Avoid: Longer styles tend to drag the oblong face down, making it appear longer. Also avoid straight hairstyles and centre parts.

GLASSES: Choose frames with equal top to bottom depth and decorative or contrasting temples. Avoid frames that have too much weight on the bottom. They tend to make the face appear even longer. Round or square frames work well but make sure they don’t extend beyond the widest part of the face.

The Triangular Face: Choose styles that are fuller at the temples and taper at the jaw. Lots of layers will help you to achieve this. This style will help to balance your prominent jaw. Off centre parts work best for you. Also hair can be tucked behind ears, still working to achieve the fullness at the temple area.

Length: Shorter hair works best to help balance the prominent jaw line. If wearing long hair, make sure it’s pulled back at the nape.

Avoid: Centre parts, longer hairstyles that have fullness at the jaw- gives the appearance of extra weight in the face.

GLASSES: Look for a frame that is slightly top heavy. Decorative accents on top of the frame will draw attention away from the wide jaw line. A frame that has no lower rim is an excellent choice.

The Heart Shaped Face: Chin length styles work best. This creates a more balanced look, adding fullness where you need it most. An off-centre part is a good choice. Wispy bangs and soft layers swept forward work well. If you have a dramatic heart shaped face (high cheekbones) make sure you have weight in the nape area to help balance the look of the dramatic cheekbones and delicate chin.

Length: Chin length works best.

Avoid: Short, full styles-they emphasize the upper face, making the chin look even narrower. Height at the crown- makes the chin look narrower and longer. Avoid severe looks.

GLASSES: An excellent choice is light coloured or rimless frames with low temples. Frames that are wider at the bottom will also help to balance the face by drawing the eye away from the wider temple area.

Now that we’ve covered off what hairstyles and glasses work best for each particular face shape, don’t be afraid to make some changes to your image. If you’re not sure where to start, start small. Maybe start by styling your hair differently or changing your frames.

If you’re ready to make some big changes, talk to your stylist about what kind of cut you want. You’ve got the right information now. Don’t rely on your stylist to choose the appropriate style for you. Good luck and have fun!

8 Tips for a Healthy and Shining Skin

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Following are some easy and helpful tips for skin care.
Tip 1: Consume Mineral water

Mineral water has been thought to be the most useful organic therapy or maybe the practically cost-free therapy for almost any skin condition due to its currently being alkaline, using pH 7. 3. This stops dehydration that is competent at making sebum or maybe acrylic in the sebaceous glands. Your skin requires water to ensure to work at its best, so health professionals and also health professionals declare that a regular daily allowance connected with among 5 to 9 glasses of water daily can be highly essential.

Tip 2: Observe Your daily diet

Eating routine represents a crucial purpose throughout skin wellness as well. Specific food for instance those acidic food and also dairy food are usually considered efficient throughout producing the allergic attack in a few people. Likewise, one of several commonly contested matters in the region connected with diet today can be candies. A number of point out that will chocolate really does impact the particular skin condition, and some point out the idea doesn’t. Whatever the consequence could possibly be, the most effective guidance is merely to visit some sort of nourishing diet regime with a quantity of fruits and also green-leafy greens, together with soluble fiber.

Tip 3: Consider Exfoliants

Quite a few specialists point out that will exfoliating the skin can be yet another wonderful means to attain a lovely skin. Thus, try out to get a good entire body exfoliant or maybe “loofah”, because it is normally termed, because it can be competent at getting rid of the particular useless skin cells out of your entire body. Accordingly, this should be performed a few times 7 days in like manner cost-free skin for you to inhale. What’s more, exfoliants assist with delayed ingrown curly hair via acquiring.

Even so, it is important in order to avoid applying just about any entire body exfoliant about the skin about the confront. The reason why because of this preventative measure can be that this skin cells can be more very sensitive and also better compared to those flesh from the entire body.

Tip 4: Consider a Healthful Routine intended for Makeup Care

In relation to skin skincare, coming into a proper magnificence schedule is just not poor. The vast majority of health professionals today greatly declare that a person cleanse, moisturize and also develop the skin 2 times daily. While clean-up, never forget to remember clean-up areas about the throat, in addition to your confront. Employ some sort of moisturizer in it or maybe throat lotion soon after.

Just before going to bed through the night, usually keep in mind to remove most constitute. Fresh the skin prior to deciding to rest, no matter exactly how exhausted you might feel. It absolutely was found that will at night time, skin passes through a process connected with eradication and also can’t inhale effectively if it is back logged using constitute. As well as, you may also learn that will resting along with your constitute with causes the skin for you to “break out” using destinations onto it.

In relation to shaving intended for males, some males might experience shaving rashes. For many, these kind of rashes reduced their own self-esteem, but this is actually not just a massive issue to take into consideration. There are a lot approaches to steer clear of rashes. Perhaps among the finest can be to ensure that as soon as shaving, the particular razor blade strokes are usually following a path connected with hair growth. It’s just simply as that !

Tip 5: Heal Feet

In relation to skincare, the feet in many cases are forgotten. Thus, in the event proper care a person observed little time to get a expert pedicure, seek to fill up some sort of sports or maybe basin using warm water and also add your chosen fat. Soak your feet approximately fifteen minutes. After that, dry these individuals and also use some sort of difficult skin remover upon these individuals. Rinse off this away from and also dry a person ft properly. As well as, if you look at pedicure, just add some entire body lotion to your ft with an easy and quick correct pedicure.

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Tip 6: Prevent A lot of exposure of sunshine

One of the most typical precautions with regards to skincare can be staying away from an excessive amount experience of sunshine. Because you can understand, above experience of sunshine brings about sunburn. Thus, whilst latest sun blocks merely filter the particular UVB radiation but still enable throughout hazardous UVA radiation, it is however cognizant of cover up before going in to the palms connected with Apollo. If possible, work with a large brimmed head wear whilst looking after your current back garden to hold sunshine out of your confront.

Tip 7: Work out

Besides thinking of nutrition, performing exercises your system also assists in maintaining the skin healthy. Remember that a suitable physical exercise won’t merely maintain your entire body suit by means of regulatory the particular air; what’s more, it enhances the particular shine from the skin too.

Tip 8: Take Sufficient Relaxation

Just one typical issue that will confront people can be tension; one that is just not standard. It absolutely was found that whenever you were anxious, the particular adrenal cortex changes adrenal androgens on the hormone androgen hormone or testosterone throughout male and also female, which in turn ends in overactive sebaceous glands. Most of these adrenal androgens are usually unveiled producing some sort of two times amount of androgen hormone or testosterone, producing the facial skin to get slimy, whilst various other areas of the body will still be dry via dehydration. Thus, acquiring proper relax that also includes 5 to 9 a long time connected with secure rest day-to-day can be the easiest method to bring back skin.

Check out this informative video from YT (source: Asia beauty secret)

A Cocktail Dress For Every Body Type

cocktail dress
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One of the most functional garments that have been at any time suitable for wear about particular events may be the cocktail dress. Even though the events is actually cocktail dresses are worn are generally later morning as well as early on nighttime affairs which have been way too casual being termed black-tie events, many cocktail dresses is now able to become worn in another place, depending on the reduce as well as the material in the gown as well as the accessories worn from it.

For you to wear a new cocktail dress to some additional proper event, all you want to do is to add accessories appropriately, perhaps wear additional elegant items of jewelry in addition to weightier makeup foundation. You need to wear some thing dressy to the workplace for almost any purpose some other when compared to a sweater as well as pantsuit, you can wear a new cocktail dress which is not way too elegant and throw with a blazer in addition to slip into reasonable workplace sneakers. Numerous present brands of cocktail dresses are don’t tied to becoming celebration wear any more.

Deciding on precisely what style of cocktail dress to wear, however, can be quite tricky for the majority of women of all ages. Of course, only a few women of all ages could possibly declare to have actually excellent figures, and a lot women of all ages that will not fall under the particular supermodel classification would prefer to obscure the particular flaws of these stats. Donning a new one-piece gown say for example a cocktail dress can readily reveal these flaws should the gown will not match the particular wearer’s frame.

Inside choosing the proper cocktail dress to wear, a girl should look at her frame — whether she is top-heavy as well as bottom-heavy – and find a thing that will probably normalize her amount. When she is bottom-heavy, her goal should be to bring attention to top of the part of her body also to her deal with. When she is top-heavy, she’s got the possibility sometimes to highlight her cleavage as well as to wear a thing that will probably yank the particular face to her feet.

Which kind of cocktail dress could match a girl using a bottom-heavy amount? Because explained above, a girl using a bottom-heavy amount would want to obscure the particular fullness about her hips in addition to thighs and leg. A fantastic cocktail dress on her to wear will be a gown that suits carefully around the waist but with no seams shoved out and about by simply extra support around the stomach and possesses a new sweater that flares out and about around the hips in addition to thighs and leg. The cocktail dress using a full sweater would be ideal for a girl using a bottom-heavy amount because it is sure to obscure what ever flabbiness in addition to bulges that she would like never to be observed about her cheaper body.

Another alternative for a girl using a bottom-heavy amount can be a cocktail dress that sports activities a great empire-style waistline. The cocktail dress through an empire-style waistline contains the waist put better, in so doing pulling the particular face towards the shoulder blades, the particular guitar neck as well as the deal with. Furthermore, it draperies in addition to skims over the cheaper body. The one chance together with using a great empire-style cocktail dress, however, is which the empire-style reduce is normally suited for maternal dna garments, therefore a girl using a real gown could possibly be mistaken being expecting.

Nevertheless yet another option open up for any lady using a bottom-heavy amount can be a cocktail dress which is sometimes sleeveless as well as strapless, also using a flaring sweater. Again, baring the particular biceps and triceps as well as the shoulder blades is most effective in illustrating consideration clear of the particular hips.

Concerning women of all ages together with top-heavy stats, she could possibly sometimes highlight her cleavage as well as her feet, as i have said above. When she really wants to put consentrate on her feet instead of her cleavage, she may wear a new cocktail dress using a solid-colored top paired using a designed sweater. The lady may stroll the particular sprained ankle injury of her sweater up to ensure it is faster in addition to definitely bring the particular face to her feet.

When she really wants to catch the attention of attention to her adequate cleavage instead of her feet, she may hide her feet inside a long-skirted cocktail dress but reveal slightly skin color on her behalf upper body using a low V-neck as well as low neckline. The truth is, she may bring the particular face to equally her top in addition to her feet by simply using this short cocktail dress using a low neckline in the event she really wants to. Exactly what she ought not complete is to wear a new cocktail dress through an exceedingly hectic top because it can make her upper body show up more substantial in addition to skew the total amount of her amount.

Add-ons also assist in keeping the particular dream of balance with a woman’s amount besides using the particular right type of cocktail dress. Bottom-heavy women of all ages may wear elegant earrings, charms as well as chokers, even though top-heavy women of all ages may leave the particular ring in addition to pick a pendant as a substitute. Nevertheless, she can purchase her cocktail dress initial just before understanding precisely what accessories, handbag in addition to sneakers to wear.

Cocktail dresses are functional garments which can be worn about any occasion that needs some extent of ritual without having to be the full black-tie event. A lady will be able to pick a qualified cocktail dress which could definitely slimmer her frame.